With the warm weather, our coverage is starting to thin.  Late in the day, the snow is wet.  Tony Eng spent seven hours grooming yesterday, from the afternoon into the evening with the Sherpa and Ginzu. 

Next CAT grooming is planned after this coming Thursday’s storm. 

After grooming, it takes an hour or two for the trail to set up.  We would appreciate it, especially in warmer periods, if skate skiers would wait and not skate on freshly groomed trails.

Because of the warm weather and melting snow on the trails at the southern part of the lake, we are exploring grooming up the North Canyon road to have access to snow at higher elevations.



Our trails are becoming more difficult to groom because of improper trail usage.  We are getting hard-to-remove, deep post-hole pock marks in the trail. 


·      Do not walk on the trail in shoes or boots.

·      If you have a dog, please keep the dog on a leash (required at Spooner) and off to the side of the groomed trails

·      Snowshoers are welcome, but should stay to the far edge of the trail and be careful not to mar the center of the trail, for skate skiing, or the tracks set for classic skiing. 

Grooming is expensive.  With proper etiquette, all users can have a good winter Spooner experience.