Photo Credit: NV State Parks

Photo Credit: NV State Parks

Important Action Item: Let NV State Parks know Spooner State Park needs a snowmobile.

Good Morning Nevada Nordic Enthusiasts!

We need your help to acquire a snowmobile with Nevada State Parks. Could you please send a letter by the end of this week to Janice Keillor, Park & Recreation Program Manager. You can email her at or you can mail the letter to: 

Janice Keillor,
Park & Recreation Program Manager, NV State Parks
901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 5005
Carson City, NV 89701-5248

Feel free to draft your own language or use what's included below:

Dear Janice,

I am a member of the public who uses Nevada Nordic groomed trails at Spooner State Park and I am an enthusiastic supporter of Nevada Nordic initiatives. As part of its mission, Nevada Nordic works to bring groomed cross country skiing trails back to Northern Nevada. As collaborators with the Volunteers in Parks program, it initiated public cross country community ski trails at Spooner State Park last year, and will continue grooming this winter. 

Because of the age of existing snow mobile (Sherpa) at Spooner, I understand its remaining useful life is limited. Further, as a utility machine, it is great for pulling a load on flat well packed snow. But, is unreliable when the snow is anything but hard-packed. At present, Nevada Nordic’s largest expense is for periodic CAT grooming to enable the Sherpa to groom in between storms.

A second snowmobile capable of maneuvering and packing a trail will reduce the need for the CAT and enhance the sustainability of the program.

I wholeheartedly recommend your approval for the purchase of second snowmobile to improve and prolong the cross-country ski trail program at Spooner State Park. The collaboration between Nevada Nordic and Spooner State park is good for the community and I would like to see it continue into the future.

Thank you for your consideration,