Nevada Nordic snowcat
Snowcat grooming at Mt. Rose

Great news!  

Our Snowcat has been repaired.  We were able to groom Old Mt. Rose Highway 431 yesterday and today. The groomed trail is on the south side of the highway, across the road from Mt. Rose Scenic Overlook.  We have groomed 1.5 miles from the green gate on the lower south side to the green gate on the upper south side of Mt Rose Highway. Unfortunately, we don’t have a classic track yet. During the off season, we plan on outfitting the Snowcat with track setters and have it ready for next year!
Please park on the south side of Highway 431, in the area where the old Diamond Peak Cross-country used to be. Please do not park on the north side to avoid crossing the highway for your own safety. 
The groomed trail still has a good amount of snow on it. So much so, that the upper green gate is buried and not visible. We hope you will enjoy the last few days of the skiing season!


(The photos were taken at yesterday's grooming session)